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A great game brings friends together
and helps make new ones.
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A great game brings friends together
and helps make new ones.
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GameMason is dedicated to creating accessories for great games. Currently, many of our products are designed to be played with the Settlers of Catan board game by by Klaus Teuber. We hope that you enjoy our products and that they add to many more hours of enjoying the game.

If you have ideas for new products or you have a question about an existing product, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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At GameMason, we make custom boards, pieces, and accessories for seriously-obsessed gamers. Your favorite game should be able to stand the test of time and - just like those who love chess want a great chess set to honor and enhance the game - we are committed to helping elevate some of today's modern classics.


Currently, our products work with the Settlers of Catan game by Klaus Teuber so you must own the game to enjoy our pieces.

When first introduced to Catan, I played so much that I quickly beat up my cardboard hexes that came with the game. This inspired me to look for a more durable set - and ultimately to make one.

Over time, we'd like to make pieces to support other great games.  Have an idea for one? Drop us a line.


When it's game time, we want to contribute to a better experience with some of your favorites based on some driving factors.



To create pieces that endure.


To elevate the look and feel.


To add to the enjoyment of the game.